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  • Executive Board Portfolios

    Election of the 2020-2023 ISSA Executive Board and ISSA  Membership Renewal

    Elections for the 2020-2023 ISSA Executive Board were held in 2018. The Executive Board is comprised of 6 elected members who must represent 6 different countries. Currently, these positions are distributed as:

    • President
    • General Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Vice President ISA
    • Vice President (Conferences)
    • Vice President (Communications)
    • Vice President (International Relations)

    The description of the current ISSA Executive Board Portfolios is available on the ISSA website: Under the ‘About ISSA’ scroll down menu, click on ‘Elections’ or use this link: http://issa1965.org/about-issa/future-issa/

    The ISSA Constitution and ISSA Bylaws are also available on the ISSA website: Under the ‘About ISSA’ scroll down menu, click on ‘ISSA Statutes’ or use this link: http://issa1965.org/about-issa/general-conference-information/

    Results of the election for a new ISSA Executive Board beginning in January 2020 were announced in 2019.  The new Board is as follows:

    • Mike Sam, President
    • Brent McDonald, VP Conferences
    • Hélène Joncheray, VP International Relations
    • Parissa Safai, General Secretary
    • Emmanuelle Tulle, VP Communications
    • John Horne, Treasurer
    • Christine Dallaire, Past President

    Renew your 2021 ISSA membership as soon as possible. ISSA membership is for the full calendar year. This means that your ISSA membership expires on December 31st regardless of when you joined ISSA. In order to continue to receive the benefits of ISSA membership, including our journal (IRSS), reduced registration fees for our Congresses, please renew your membership at your earliest convenience. A list of 2018 members is attached to the end of this bulletin.

    Membership category details are available on the ISSA website, at http://issa1965.org/membership/

    Membership details are available on the SAGE – International Review of Sociology of Sport website. We highly encourage you to use the online payment subscription process on the SAGE IRSS web page. It is efficient, secure and ensures that membership applications are processed in a timely fashion. Once registered the system provides you with an automated reply that confirms your membership application. Please visit: https://us.sagepub.com/en-us/nam/journal/international-review-sociology-sport