Call for Abstracts

Conference Theme: Sport, Discriminations and Inclusion: Challenges to Face

The 15th European Association for the Sociology of Sport (EASS) Conference will be held in Bordeaux (France), from 23-26 May, 2018.

The main theme of the Conference is Sport, Discriminations and Inclusion: Challenges to Face. The aim of this main theme is to explore the interdisciplinary nature of discrimination in sport and to investigate the different forms of discrimination.

Beyond this main theme, the Conference will also feature a wide range of sessions to give the opportunity to share and discuss your latest research, including (but not limited to):

  • Sport and Discriminations
  • Sport and Gender
  • Sport and Power Relations
  • Sport and Violence
  • Sport and Media
  • Sport and Ethics
  • Sport and Health
  • Sport and Volunteering
  • Sport Policies
  • Sport and Governance
  • Sport Spectatorship and Fandom
  • Sport and Doping
  • School Sport and Physical Education
  • Sport and New Technologies
  • Sport and Disability
  • Sociology of Sport and Methodology
  • Sport and Sexuality
  • Sport and Social Classes
  • Sport Business and Management
  • Youth Sport
  • E-Sports
  • Sport and Mega-Events
  • Sport and Identities
  • Open Themes

The Conference will also feature some special sessions:

  • Current Issues in Sport Organisation Research (Special Session / SORN network)
  • Measuring leisure-time sport participation and recreational physical activities from a cross-national approach: challenges and opportunities (Special Session / MEASURE network)
  • Sport policy and sport politics from a European perspective: a promising academic field (Special Session / POLIS network)
  • Innovative interdisciplinary/post disciplinary research methods in sports, physical activity and health (Special Session / ESA)
  • Forced Migration and Sport (Special Session / ESA)
  • Sport fans: discrimination, inclusion and support (Special Session / ESA)
  • Martial Arts and Combat Sports (Special Session / IMACSSS)



Deadline for submission of abstracts: 31st January 2018


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