Special Discount for Delegates Attending Both ISSA 2018 and EASS 2018 Congresses

ISSA and EASS (European Association for the Sociology of Sport) are offering a 50 euros special discount for delegates attending both ISSA and EASS congresses in 2018.
Delegate attending both congresses will have to prove their congress fee payments, and each congress organization will return a 25 euros reimbursement.

To receive a 25 euro reimbursement on your ISSA congress fees (for all ISSA congress registration categories), you must communicate with ISSA President, Christine Dallaire at president@issa1965.orgprior to May 10, 2018, to provide proof of registration in the EASS Congress in Bordeaux and to indicate whether you wish to receive your cash reimbursement in euros or in Swiss francs at the ISSA Congress in Lausanne.

All questions related to this 25 euro reimbursement on ISSA congress fees for delegates also participating in EASS in Bordeaux should be directed to ISSA President, Christine Dallaire at president@issa1965.org

EASS Abstracts submission deadline: 31st January 2018 

Further information and updates available on the conference website: https://eass2018.sciencesconf.org/ 

About EASS: http://www.eass-sportsociology.eu/

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