ISA looking for members interested in contributing to its EDI activities

A message from Debra Davidson, Chair of the ad-hoc ISA committee on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

“We now have a committee of 12 volunteers who are committed to developing a set of proposed principles and practices in support of EDI in the ISA.

A first priority upon which we all readily agreed was the establishment of open communications with all of our RCs, WGs, and TGs, so we may have the benefit of feedback and advice from across our ISA membership, including everyone from graduate students to emeriti faculty. To that end, we would like to create an association-wide group of interested ISA members, with whom we will regularly share updates and seek advice as our work progresses. This might involve, for example, reviewing a draft set of EDI principles, or offering ideas for constructive, EDI-supporting activities during our conferences. Participation in this EDI advisory group is not expected to be onerous, and is of course voluntary.

I am hoping that each of you, as RC, WG and TG Secretaries, can assist us in this regard, by extending this invitation to your members, and inviting them to express their interest directly to me, at


Debra Davidson, RC24 President”